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Rubber Gum Boots for Protection against chemicals.

Gum Boots

Gum boots for Chemical safety at Workplace.

We stock all sizes of Gum boots for when working in water or with chemicals.
Used in hazardous conditions like oil spills, chemical cleaning or when prolonged exposure to liquids.



Pressure testing pump, Oman

Piping Pressure Test Pump

Pressure Test Pumps are used for testing Hydraulic and Pneumatic lines for leaks.
Pressure pumps are widely used by contractors and engineers for HVAC lines, Oil pipelines, Sprinkler system installation, Compressed air systems at auto workshops etc.

Brands available with us:
Clarke, UK
Rigid, UK
Rothenberger, UK

Tank capacity: 10 litre
Gauge (max levels): 60 bar / 900 psi
Dimensions (DxWxH) 528 x 220 x 320 mm

Wire rope oman, Chain block, Trolley oman, Lifting equipment.

Chain Block, Winch, Trolleys & Hooks

Chain Blocks:
Japanese design, High quality – Long lasting.

Wire ropes & Wire rope Winches:
Ropes available in Mild Steel / Stainless steel with anti rust Rubber coating available in Stock.

Lifting  Chains:
Available in Mild steel and Stainless steel, High strength.

Trolley, Geared / Regular:
For moving heavy material inside your workshop/Ware house.